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Best Mother's Day Gift on the Planet

Give the Gift of Good Health

What is the perfect present?

Every year that you get to celebrate Mother’s Day becomes more special—another year spent with the person who gave you life and took care of you for so many years. You want to find the perfect gift to show she is as special as you feel in your heart.

No boxes of chocolate, dozens of roses, or generic jewelry here. Mix things up this year. Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of good health. Show your mom you want her to live her best life and want to spend many more years with her.

Trust us: She’ll love it.

Nothing will improve mom's health like the two powerful healing compounds fucoidan and cellular energy.


According to decades of research, fucoidans demonstrates extraordinary health properties, including: Anti-c@n(er, Anti-coagulant, Anti-inflammatory, and Immune-enhancing


The global search for a c@n(er cure is now heading towards natural treatments, both as the main pathway or in supportive care. Fucoidans protect against c@n(er by targeting cells that are involved in programmed cell death, which works by killing the c@n(er cells without triggering inflammation (2015).

The remarkable effects of fucoidan were recently demonstrated in Japan (2017), where researchers supplemented the diets of 20 c@n(er patients with fucoidan for 4 weeks. After just 2 weeks, it was found that the main pro-inflammatory markers associated with c@n(er had been significantly decreased. These findings indicate a promising approach for fucoidans as supportive care for c@n(er patients undergoing chemotherapy, or other treatments. By working alongside traditional medications, including chemotherapy, fucoidan makes the treatment more effective at lower doses, which can reduce the toxic side effects.


Heparin is a highly sulphated polysaccharide, found in mammalian tissues, that has been used as an anticoagulant drug for more than 50 years. As fucoidan shares the same sulphated polysaccharide structure as Heparin, it has been used as a natural alternative for blood thinners (1998).


Fucoidans can inhibit pro-inflammatory markers in the body. Researchers in Korea found that fucoidan may offer therapeutic potential for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.


Research conducted on elderly Japanese men and women found that a supplement of fucoidan improved their immune response to a seasonal flu vaccine (2013). This could have a huge benefit on the health of Ireland's elderly, particularly in nursing homes and hospitals.

Cellular Energy and Amino Acids

Proper cellular energy and amino acids are so important for health and longevity. We all need more cellular energy and amino acids to enhance all vital functions of the body, including the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

  • Nourishes mitochondria with the essential nutrients necessary for healthy energy production.

  • Delivers potent antioxidant activity that prevents oxidative stress from free radicals from damaging cells.

  • Supports optimum mitochondrial and cellular health.

Thanks for Reading!

Please share and comment what you plan to get mom this mother's day !



Bhrum’s Love & Hope package includes two effective tools to help your body Energize and Defend.

First, Energize, our proprietary ingredient, Bio-MR II will energize your body to heal faster at the cellular level.

Second, Defend: Bhrum’s Premium Fucoidan is packed with 9 anti-inflammatory & immune-boosting ingredients to help your body defend itself against the rigors of modern c@n(er treatment.

Much more than your average Fucoidan!

· 375mg of pure natural Okinawa Mozuku Fucoidan from the pristine clear waters of Okinawa Japan where more people live to be 100 years old than anywhere else in the world.

· Rishi for improved immune function;

· Bromelain for a powerful boost of digestive enzymes;

· Curcumin from turmeric for its incredible anti-inflammatory effects; and

· Fermented black Garlic for its potent anti-oxidant properties.

Each of these products is incredibly powerful as a standalone, but when you combine two together, you get unparalleled results.

Our customers report that Bhrum’s Love & Hope package with Okinawa Mozuku Fucoidan has remarkable healing capabilities that have helped them to ease c@n(er treatment, fatigue and much more!

Bhrum’s products are expertly developed by doctors and researchers with over 35 years of experience. Bio-MR II (Oryza Synergizer) is Bhrum’s exclusive ingredient that you can’t find anywhere else

Buy confidently! Endorsed by Doctors Worldwide. All-Natural, NON-GMO, No chemicals. Not a drug, but amazing protective foods with incredible healing potential.

Since 2008, 97% of customers recommend Bhrum and we guarantee you will as well with our money back guarantee!

Purchase Bhrum’s Love & Hope package for yourself or purchase for someone that needs more Love and Hope for a better quality of life.

Don’t wait for it to be too late. Relieve yourself of your health nightmare. Buy Bhrum’s Love & Hope package with Okinawa Mozuku Fucoidan Today and live longer tomorrow!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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