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Helps Improve your gut’s health

Helps Improve skin’s complexion

Detox - Assists in the removal of accumulated toxins and Improve the regularity of bowel movement

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Provides unique cellular energy and amino acid to synergize the effect of natural healing power


Are you dealing with…..

  • Cramping, bloating, stress and anxiety caused by irregular bowel

       movements can often be painful, disruptive and distracting

       from your life and job.

  • Uncontrolled weight gain

  • Dry patchy skin and lose flabby arms and belly

  • Embarrassing Acne that Is painful emotionally as well as physically


Why you need a cleanse?

Bhrum's Bio-MR II and Bhrum's Beauty Cleanse can clean you from the

inside out and support your body's natural detoxifying process.

You need plenty of fiber, probiotics and cellular energy to get a good cleanse.

People should consume 25-38 g of fiber per day, according to the institute of medicine. However, most of us don’t meet that daily recommendation. In addition, some fibers (such as inulin) provide second health benefit to be food for probiotic.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria to optimize gut bacterial balance and improve digestive health. That’s the reason why lots of doctors and nutritionists recommend the addition of yogurt to your diet.

Prebiotics and probiotics are two of the most powerful strategies to alter the microbiome in a health-promoting manner. To improve your digestive health and to clean your digestive system, doctors and researchers recommend taking a daily prebiotic and probiotic supplement.


Cellular energy is also our most precious resource. With age, both our physical and cellular energy level decline. Not only do we feel tired, but our cells become fatigued and fail to optimally function.  Cellular energy is a must for all vital functions of the body at molecular, cellular, organ, and systemic levels.  Giving more cellular energy and soluble amino acid to our body at the same time as dietary supplement will improve the effectiveness.  Bio-MR II, predigested food from our proprietary process, provides a good cellular energy that is clean and readily available and also good amino acid that is utilized to build, maintain, and repair body tissues.


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Doctor Tuan's Recommendation
Weight control, smoothness, better moisture retention, and less wrinkle are parts of beauty that most people would to achieve to feel more self-esteem.

While the best cleanser and the best moisturizer are best when it comes to healthy glow. Sometimes the best way to help your skin is from the inside out by taking supplement.

Dietary supplement such as inulin and probiotic can help to cleanse digestive tract. Improve your digestive tract will improve your skin condition.


Bhrum’s Beauty Cleanse surpasses all three main ingredients for cleanse, weight control and improve skin condition.

I recommend taking Bio-MR II and Beauty Cleanse to everyone who is looking for cleanse.

Take Bio-MR II 1 scoops a day for more cellular energy

Active cleansing. If you feel that you want a big cleanse for your body, follow 5-day easy cleanse programs (Taking 6 scoops per day before bedtime for 5 days). You will get 7.8g of inulin, 30 Billion CFU of probiotic along with cellular energy from Bio-MR II.

If you feel that you take too little of vegetable for that day, simply taking 1 scoop of Bhrum’s Beauty Cleanse before bedtime.

Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water everyday


Bio MR II and Bhrum's Beauty cleanse support the cleanse process with a unique blend of supplements and plant extract's along with Bhrum's all all-natural proprietary hydrolyzed functional food. 

What that means is…

Bio-MR II is a cell-food that is already broken down into building block pieces so your body gets good for you energy to do what it needs to do to support the cleansing process and other vital body functions.

Bio-MR II is all natural,  no-chemicals, no GMO, no pesticides so you get clean toxic free energy.

Bio-MR II is has no side-effects and can be taken by anyone

Bio-MR II will provide your body with immediate cellular energy and no crash later

All Bhrum products are designed to be fully customizable

Bio-MR II and Bhrum's Beauty Cleanse are food for the cells, so the more you take the faster the results and the greater the benefits. 

 All our supplements are in lose powder form so you get more per bottle and more per serving at a lower cost per gram.

For example a competitors cleanse product may sell for $25, but this is actually more expensive when you find out the 60 capsules are only 500 mg each. It would take over 3 bottle of a competitors product to get the 100g that we give you with lose powder.  The scoop included in your bottle of Bhrum's beauty cleanse is more than 6 - 500g  capsules.

Bio-MR II will enhance the key ingredients in Bhrum's Beauty cleanse to work faster and more efficiently for faster and targeted results.

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