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Bio-MR 3 was born out of our unwavering belief that food is the most basic, natural, and instinctual solution to all our modern health problems. We understand that for all life to function, we need food – and with the proper food, our bodies have the remarkable ability to repair and heal themselves naturally.  Driven by a strong desire to create a natural food-based product that could enhance cellular energy and promote overall vitality, we embarked on a remarkable journey to develop a unique supplement. Our quest led us to the pristine parts of Thailand, where we discovered ancient Thai villages with a secret that amazed us – people here lived to be well over 100, with incredible vitality throughout their lives.

Through extensive research and collaboration with local experts, our team unraveled the secret behind the longevity and health of these Thai villagers. We found that the key lay in the rare heirloom rice strains, which were a staple in their diet. Fueled by curiosity and excitement, we harnessed advanced technology and developed a proprietary extraction method for these carefully selected specific strains of rice, extracting the most nutrient-dense components from the rice grain.

In 2003, we proudly introduced the first version of our product to the market – an all-natural cellular energy supplement, harnessing the power of these unique Thai rice strains and our proprietary extraction process. Our innovative formulation not only supported cellular energy production but also provided a wealth of essential nutrients, antioxidants, and natural compounds that contributed to the overall health and vitality of those who consumed it. The impact of our product was profound, especially among customers who sought to reconnect with their Asian roots and embrace the time-tested wisdom of food as medicine. Witnessing the positive effects on people's lives motivated us to further our commitment to research and development.

Over the years, we continued to refine our proprietary process and discovered even more potent strains of rice. These new breakthroughs paved the way for the creation of Bio-MR 3 – an advanced and improved version of the original formula.

As we launched Bio-MR 3, we were thrilled to combine the collective wisdom of traditional Thai knowledge with cutting-edge science. Our unique proprietary process has been upgraded to machines that meticulously ensure the healthiest components of the rice grain are carefully preserved. Additionally, we have discovered and added additional rice strains, providing an unparalleled source of natural energy and nutrients.

With expanded benefits, improved bioavailability, and a customer-centric approach, Bio-MR 3 continues to uphold the legacy of its predecessor while embracing new horizons of health and vitality for people of all backgrounds seeking a path to natural well-being. We take great pride in sharing this extraordinary journey with our customers, and our commitment to promoting a healthier, more vibrant life remains unwavering.

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San Francisco, CA 94158

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